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Aug 25 2008

The world as it should be…

While watching the Democratic National Convention, I was reminded that I teach for America so that more children across this country can fulfill their God-given potentials just like the Obamas.  Education may be the great equalizer, but in knowing that we must ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to a receive great education. 

I leave you with a quote from Michelle Obama that describes the optimism that drives me each day in the classroom:

“And Barack stood up that day, and spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about “The world as it is” and “The world as it should be.” And he said that all too often, we accept the distance between the two, and we settle for the world as it is — even when it doesn’t reflect our values and aspirations. But he reminded us that we also know what our world should look like. He said we know what fairness and justice and opportunity look like. And he urged us to believe in ourselves — to find the strength within ourselves to strive for the world as it should be. And isn’t that the great American story?”

-Michelle Obama

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