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May 13 2009

Feeling warm and fuzzy inside

Warm fuzzies are a hit in my classroom! My students love writing fuzzies each morning and reading them at the end of the week.  Their little mailboxes fill-up each day, and they get so excited.  I have a mailbox as well.  Below are just a couple of the warm fuzzies I’ve received since implementing my new classroom culture strategy:

Dear Ms. Bunting, I like the way that you teach me new things.  If I don’t understand you break it down for me in the simplest form.

Dear Ms. Bunting, you have been a wonderful teacher to me since the 1st day of school.

Dear Ms. Bunting, You’re always trying to solve problems with everyone.  You’re so nice and helpful.  Love you like my own mother.

The fuzzies are a major hit, and I’m sure just like my fuzzies probably have touched you a bit, so do the many fuzzies my students write each other.  Fuzzies will definitely be something  I continue in my classroom next year.

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